The World's Tallest Vertical Garden

Naturally Luxurious 


Welcome to Clearpoint Residencies, a unique opportunity to be part of a community residing in the lap of luxury whilst setting a benchmark for modern high-rise living. Overlooking the scenic views of the Diyawanna Lake in Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka, Clearpoint Residences consist of 171 supremely spacious, meticulously designed apartments spread across 46 floors. The building is located within a few minutes of a drive from the Central business district of Colombo.

Upon completion, Clearpoint will be the tallest residential vertical garden in the world, with planted terraces circling the entire structure and an inbuilt self-sustaining watering system. Guided by its cutting-edge yet holistic design approach, the building will feature several sustainability features that will substantially reduce the energy and water consumption of its residents, whilst providing a level of comfort and luxury that is truly in harmony with nature. Come experience the sensation of naturally green living with the panoramic views of a high-rise abode...