What is Clearpoint Residencies?

Clearpoint Residencies is a 46-storey super luxury apartment complex in located in the picturesque locality of Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka. Upon completion, it will be the country’s first truly sustainable high-rise and the world’s tallest vertical garden. Located just a few minutes from the heart of Colombo, the building provides easy access to supermarkets, restaurants and schools in and around the swiftly developing Rajagiriya. The tower will rise up encircled along its entire length by floral gardens that will cool and shield the building and offer its occupants a breathtaking ambiance, panoramic views and reduced energy costs across the building’s lifespan.

Who are the developers of Clearpoint Residencies?

Clearpoint is a joint venture between Maga Engineering (Pvt) Ltd and Milroy Perera Associates (Pvt) Ltd. Sri Lanka’s only Platinum rated construction company, Maga Engineering is the country’s market leader in the sector and has made an indelible imprint as Sri Lanka’s most trusted constructor. Built on over four decades of local and international experience and a forward-thinking approach to architecture, Milroy Perera Associates is one of the most established architectural firms in the country.

What is the current status of the project?

Clearpoint Residencies is scheduled for completion in 2017. Presently, the structural work of the building is ongoing and the sourcing of products and fittings have commenced.

Tell me more about the apartments?

The building consists of 171 spaciously designed 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments, a limited number of penthouses and Presidential Suites spread over 46 floors. In place of ordinary balconies, all apartments will be equipped with large cantilevering terraces with self-sustaining gardens. Whilst preventing the windows from receiving direct sun exposure and providing shade, these large format terraces will lend themselves as extra entertainment spaces. The apartments include several sustainability features such as innovative air-conditioning, power, recreational and waste disposal solutions.

Located in a picturesque environment surrounded by greenery and wetlands, the luxury apartments offer panoramic views of the city and the Colombo harbour.

What is the selling price of an apartment?

The apartments are competitively priced according to the size of apartment, orientation and special features and based on the time of apartment reservation.

Please contact our Sales Hotline on +94 772 150 150 or alternatively proceed to the Contact Us section of this website and send an e-mail to our sales team who will be glad to assist you.

Where can I see the floor plans of the apartments?

All apartment floor plan types can be viewed under the Floor Plans tab of this website. Further details about the apartments and their features can be obtained (including the ability to go through the floor plans in greater detail) by visiting our Sales Office located next to the project premises in Rajagiriya.

When can I move into my apartment?

Clearpoint Residencies is scheduled for completion in 2017 and you will be able to move in immediately after completion.

Is there any loan scheme for me to purchase my apartment?

Financing facilities are available through tripartite loan schemes via several reputed banks that will allow you to finance the purchase of apartments under construction. Our sales team will gladly assist you with further information.

Are the apartments furnished?

All apartments are constructed with materials and fittings of the highest quality and specifications, including high quality porcelain floors, wall tiles, light fittings, state-of-the-art cabinetry and air-conditioners to name a few..

What are the building’s sustainability features?

The structure utilizes the very best raw materials and is the product of professional craftsmanship, built to endure the test of time, while also providing occupants with maximum security and unfettered access. By incorporating a variety of tropical flora, Clearpoint ensures each apartment functions as its own micro habitat, creating a synergy between occupants and their environment, whilst seamlessly blending rustic charm, urban sophistication and an outlook of environmental conservatism.

Please find more details about its sustainability features such as planted terraces, solar panels, innovative air conditioning, windows and terraces, rainwater drip irrigation, grey water recycling system and solid waste disposal under the Sustainability section of the website.

Will my energy costs (electricity and water bills etc) be low?

Yes, they will be significantly lower than a standard apartment complex. Clearpoint Residences is truly the future of high rise living, with its minimal carbon footprint, recycling mechanisms and reduced maintenance cost — a product of creative architectural design and cutting-edge technology. Reduced cost across the board ensures that apartment owners spend considerably less on upkeep and maintenance, whilst positioning them as citizen at the forefront of environmentally responsible living.

Who will manage and maintain the trees and plants in our apartment?

A specialist landscape architect, already assigned by the developer, will carry out the ongoing maintenance of each apartment’s green terraces.

Tell me about your security arrangements?

Clearpoint is well secured with both human and electronic surveillance systems. Highly trained security personnel together with the latest technologies is provided for effective and efficient surveillance. Furthermore, our construction solutions such as special glass windows and fire detection systems etc. are guaranteed to offer more peace of mind for residents.

I am not a citizen of Sri Lanka. Can I buy an apartment in Clearpoint Residencies?

Yes, a foreign national can purchase apartments in Clearpoint Residencies as long as they are above the fourth floor.

Who will manage Clearpoint Residencies after the project is completed?

Clearpoint’s developers will appoint a special administration team with the required credentials and expertise to manage the day-to-day activities of the condominium. With our experience in handling several large-scale local and international projects of this nature, systems will be put in place to ensure the proper management of this property.