The Roof Top Swimming Pool

Providing one of the best skyline views in the city and crystal clear water, this deluxe infinity pool presents you with the luxury to enjoy an invigorating swim.

The Gymnasium

With the latest fitness equipment, our state-of the-art fitness centre will ensure that you and your family will stay fit and healthy throughout the year.

Squash & Tennis Courts

An ideal opportunity for a cardiovascular workout, challenge a friend to a friendly game of squash or tennis.

Modern Security & Surveillance Systems

We consider our residents’ comfort and security a priority, especially when faced with today's security challenges. That’s why we have one of the best security and surveillance systems at Clearpoint to safeguard our residents 24/7.

Dedicated Parking

Whether it is for you or your guests, we provide dedicated parking areas for easy access to and from your vehicle to apartment.

Proximity Cards for Residents

Residents will use proximity cards to enter and exit the apartment complex, where when the resident points the card within a few inches of the proximity card reader, the access doors unlock.


The regenerative drive technology will produce the elevators’ own electricity while consuming the minimum amount of electricity from the main power grid, making them more cost effective to run than conventional elevators. The intelligent sorting system that has been incorporated into the programming of the lift will increase its efficiency by directing the occupants to a specific lift that will take them to their apartment in the least amount of time, as controlled by your personal proximity card.

Garbage Disposal Systems

We provide advanced garbage separation and collection solutions within our premises, where you no longer have to worry about the disposal of solid waste.. The waste is sold and the money collected will be used towards the management of the building which will lower the cost of maintenance at Clearpoint Residencies.